Busting laser hair removal myths

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The internet is an amazing place where you can find a lot of information. However, it is also full of confusing information and ideas about a wide variety of things. As far as beauty products and treatments are concerned, there are several fallacies that are just out there. In this post, we will bust these hair removal myths and set facts straight.

Laser hair treatment myths

It is expensive

When you compare it to shaving, this technique is expensive. This is because you are comparing the price of a packet of razors to sessions of laser hair removal. However, you are saving a lot as far as the hassle and time is concerned when you opt for the best laser hair removal melbourne. Come to think of it; you will not be shaving again in your life!woman in pool

The majority of the people realize considerable hair reduction (about 80%) in just three sessions. In fact, such people do not need to worry at all about hair removal again. Also, as this hair removal technique continues to become popular, the cost per session has drastically reduced.

It is very painful

Although the act of directing a laser beam directly onto the skin appears to be quite painful, the truth is that it is not painful. Ideally, you will feel something to know the treatment process is ongoing. The majority of the people compare it to a rubber snapping against the skin. Most modern clinics use candela laser system to direct a puff of cool air onto the patient’s skin. In this way, they minimize the amount of pain.

It is only for women

man with beardIt is true laser hair removal is quite popular among women. But nowadays, even men are going to salons every year. They may not be revealing this to their colleagues, but they are enjoying the benefits of laser hair removal. This procedure can be used to eliminate unwanted hair on men’s arms, chest, and back. Other places where the technique can be used include the jawline and neck to create a polished, smooth look.

The hairs grow back

In between the treatment sessions, you will realize some hair is just growing back. The reason for this is that hair grows at various times. The laser just targets hair that is in active growth stages. Thus, you should undertake some sessions at recommended intervals to eliminate all the hair.