How to Choose the Right Translation Services Provider


As the world becomes a global village, translation services Toronto have become a vital part of the growth of businesses. Not all translation agencies are excellent at their work. This means that you have to consider some factors when choosing the right translation service provider. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice.



When you want quality services, the cost is not the first factor you need to consider. However, it is an important factor. Most of the translation agencies give their pricing as per the number of words or pages. If all other factors are the same, choose the agency with the least cost. You should not pay extra if you can get the exact service at a lower cost.


The agency should be in a position to meet your deadlines, effectively manage different projects at the same time and offer a fast turnaround. This is crucial if you are looking for translation service to use on a daily basis. The speed at which the translators give you feedback also matters. Work with an agency that you feel treats you as a priority and is keen to meet as surpass your needs.


The fact that a person speaks a certain language does not mean that they are good translators. A good translator should have perfect knowledge of your target dialect especially if your work is being done for a specialized industry. Check whether the agency has translators who have experience in your industry. An agency with many translators is likely to have translators specialized in your specific sector.


If you do not understand the language into which you want your content translated into, you might have a difficult time evaluating the quality of the translation service the agency provides. In such a case, ask the agency to give you testimonials from recent clients. The testimonials not only tell you about what the previous clients had to say but it also shows you the type of clients the agency has worked with. If the clients are NGOs, highly rated companies and parastatal, then the translation services of the agency must be of high standards.

 Quality control

Translation is subjective. Therefore, look into the measures that the agency has put in place towards ensuring that your expectations are met. The right agency should have editors who proofread the work to ensure that it is quality.


GLOBE The right agency is one that provides you with one person to talk to about your needs. The person needs to be available via email or phone when you need them. If an agency is not giving you a platform to have a discussion about your job, leave it. The translation process should be interactive, collaborative and fluid until the end. The contact person should also talk in a language you understand. Do not work with someone who always uses technical jargon instead of simple English.