Factors to Consider When Deciding to Buy a Pneumatic Cylinder

There are many factors to consider when purchasing a pneumatic cylinder for your application. Some considerations maybe obvious than others but you must access your needs before buying the equipment for your application. In this article, we are going to discuss some factors to be considered when buying pneumatic products. Read on.


Cost is a significant factor in the purchase of all goods and services, and it should be looked at when buying the pneumatic cylinder. Before the development of the pneumatic cylinder, people questioned the non-repairable products in the market. The pneumatic cylinder is cheap, and it has replaceable parts, and that is why many people are using it. Different companies selling the cylinders will charge different prices, and it is up to you to choose that which fist your budget but performs the usual functions.


Different applications will require different sizes of the cylinders. You should be more aware of your application so that you do not buy one that is shorter or longer than your stroke. Pneumatic applications use pistons, heads, and caps. The bottom line here is, buy a cylinder which matches your application needs in terms of size and space.

Side Load

Cylinders are meant to provide force in the axis. But there are applications which act on multiple axis, and the cylinder you buy should be able to operate fully while resisting the other forces. The common force related to the pneumatic cylinder is the side load which produces a force perpendicular to the axis. If you want to compensate the side load force with smaller duty cylinders, it is advisable to add parallel rods which absorb the force.


Many cylinders today are built not to be repaired. The body is built with materials which can be disposed of. The fact they are of low cost makes it easy to replace than to fix. However, pneumatic cylinders are repairable, and this gives them an added advantage. The ability to repair the cylinder gives it long term benefits.


Durability is key for any application equipment. The quality and performance of plastic and aluminum cylinders has been improving, and people are now changing their pneumatic cylinders to those made of new materials. However, the durability that the steel cylinders provide stands out. The most durable cylinders are expensive, and you should not fear the cost because it is worth it.…